Notification Form

Notes to applicants

This notification form is to be filed where, inter alia:

  1. there is an ultimate beneficial owner, whether existing or new, as defined in the Act;
  2. the activity is one as described in the Schedule to the Act;
  3. there is a foreign direct investment as defined in the Act.

Please see Guidelines on website for further information on the compilation of this form.

Where the conditions specified in (a) to (c) above subsist cumulatively, foreign investors and all people involved in the foreign direct investment are obliged, prior to carrying out the investment, to notify the Office in the event of:

  1. a new company incorporation
  2. greenfield investment (new investment in Malta)
  3. the transfer of shares or any other change/s in the Memorandum and Articles of Association of a Maltese registered company resulting in a change in the ultimate beneficial owner/s thereof
  4. issue of new shares by a Maltese registered company, where the activity of such company is one provided for in Schedule to the Act
  5. a change in business activity where the final activity is one provided for in Schedule to the Act; and/or
  6. an acquisition of assets / rights by a foreign investor other than the incorporation of a new company

Applicants will be notified in writing, via email, on the outcome of their notification process.

Fill in the information below

Please specify the transaction

Information regarding the Investor

Listings on stock exchanges

Is the investor subject to EU financial restrictive measures (sanctions)?

EU Member States in which the investor conducts substantive business operations (e.g. through subsidiaries or branches and provide the name(s) of those undertaking(s))

Information on Ultimate Beneficial Owner/s who is/are Non-EU Foreign Investor/s (A maximum of 5 UBOs is allowed)

Ultimate Beneficial Owner
Does the investment enable or result in the investor’s effective participation in the management?

Is the ultimate beneficial owner subject to EU financial restrictive measures (sanctions)?

Information regarding the Investment

Details of any foreign direct investment made or planned to be made by the target company, throughout the European Union

Listings on stock exchanges

Has the investment received or intends to receive EU funding?

Does the company maintain business relations with a project or programme of Union interest?

Is the investment subject to another assessment, authorisation or monitoring in Malta, in another Member State or in a third country (e.g. domestic competition control, prudential supervision, sectoral authorisation or certification)?


Further information and guidance on the filling in of this form may be obtained by contacting the Office;

+356 99964277 / +356 99213344

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